Welcome to the 15th Annual Ventura County Jewish Film Festival. Ventura, California, the county seat of Ventura County, is an hour’s drive north of Los Angeles. It is located along the scenic southern-most part of California’s beautiful Central Coast. Ventura is known for its majestic beauty and Mediterranean climate.

We are proud to celebrate fourteen years of film screenings that represent the best of contemporary Jewish-related movies from around the world. Our committee of volunteers works year round to carefully select the highest quality full-length features, documentaries, and short films for your enlightenment and entertainment.

Upcoming Films

Rabin, The Last Day

Director: Amos Gitai
153 Minutes
2015, Israel | France, English | Hebrew
Sponsored by Adult Education, Ventura County Jewish Film Festival in cooperation with TBT Brotherhood

Sunday, April 29, 2018
Movie 2 PM
Temple Beth Torah, 7620 Foothill Road, Ventura, CA 93004

Complimentary Pizza and drinks will be served during an intermission as an enhancement to the viewing of this very important movie

Rabin, The Last Day On the evening of Saturday, November 4, 1995, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is shot down with three bullets at the end of a huge political rally in the center of Tel-Aviv. His killer apprehended at the scene turns out to be a 25-year-old Jewish observant. Investigation into this brutal murder reveals a dark and frightening world that made this tragic deed possible. A subculture of hate fueled by hysterical rhetoric, paranoia and political intrigue. The extremist rabbis who condemned Rabin by invoking an obscure Talmudic ruling. The prominent right wing politicians who joined in a campaign of incitement against Rabin. The militant Israeli settlers for whom peace meant betrayal. And the security agents who saw what was coming and failed to prevent it.