Welcome to the 17th Annual Ventura County Jewish Film Festival. Ventura, California, the county seat of Ventura County, is an hour’s drive north of Los Angeles. It is located along the scenic southern-most part of California’s beautiful Central Coast. Ventura is known for its majestic beauty and Mediterranean climate.

We are proud to celebrate Sixteen years of film screenings that represent the best of contemporary Jewish-related movies from around the world. Our committee of volunteers works year round to carefully select the highest quality full-length features, documentaries, and short films for your enlightenment and entertainment.

Read on for details on how to participate.

We postponed the Ventura County Jewish Film Festival earlier this year in the hope that it would be possible to reschedule it later in the year when it became safe to congregate. Sadly, that time still seems far in the future.

Instead, we decided to hold this year’s festival as a “virtual“ event as many of the Jewish Film Festivals around the country are doing. Everyone who is a sponsor, or a pass or ticket holder will be able to view all the films.

To do this, we have arranged links and passwords which will allow you to view the films at home using an internet-connected device like a computer, a tablet such as an iPad, or a smart TV. And, should you have either Apple TV or Chromecast, you can watch the movies on your large screen TV. Each film’s link will work for a 48 -hour window, so you can choose the viewing time that best suits your convenience.

If you are a film festival sponsor, a pass holder or a ticket holder (even if you bought just one ticket), just follow the instructions below.

On the other hand, if you are not already a film festival supporter, you can still participate in the same way. We are asking for a donation of $36 per person or more if you can afford it. This is on the honor system. DONATE HERE (specify Jewish Film Festival) or mail your donation to the Temple office.

Because we need to do this by means of links to the films, some of our original selections will not be available, so we have arranged for substitutes of high quality. Moreover, all our scheduled speakers will be able to speak and take questions from the audience by a Zoom meeting. For the two films without speakers, we will have a “talk back” about the film at the end of the 48-hour viewing window. (We know almost all of you have become proficient with Zoom and many of you are participating in the TBT services via Zoom.) To hear our speakers and to participate in the “talk backs”, click on the link you will receive by email just prior to start of each Zoom session. (All TBT members are invited. We will use the email you have on file with TBT to send out links and notices.)

Shortly before each time window opens to view to film, you will receive an email containing a link and password.